Shreyas Sanghvi

Shreyas Sanghvi

Electronics Enthusiast\Devoloper

I am a second year undergraduate student studying Electronics and Communication Engineering at NIIT University, Neemrana, India. I am constantly in search of opportunities that challange me. I always choose a path that is beyond my comfort level with a goal of self improvement.

Key Interests: Signals and System, Machine Learning, Artificial Intellegence, Robotics,etc
Hobbies: problem solving, Hardware designing , Solving Puzzles, Aviation Photography, etc.

Resume/CV available on request.

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Work Experience

  • Founder Robotics Club - NIIT University
    July 2017-Present

    The Club has a clear vision of providing the initial spark to the next generation of innovators and participating in several competitions to give them a platform to grow, by exposing them to the most innovative and cutting edge technology, like

    • Internet of Things
    • Cloud Computing

  • Engineering Intern-Jet Airways
    May 2017- July 2017

    Tasks allocated to me during the internship included:

    • Maintenance and Overhaul of Aviation batties of Jet Airways fleet consisting of B737, B777, ATR-72 and A330
    • Assisting in problem Isolation and detection of defects related to Avionics and electrical system of the entire fleet
    • Preparing a report on IAS disagree on the A330 fleet, that reduced Aircraft on ground time
    • Performing CVR Readout and making task card for the same
    • Assisting Dock Planning in scheduling of tasks on the B737 series fleet that arrived at the hanger for Maintenance and overhaul

  • Summer Teaching Intern - Creative Technology Workshop
    April 2016 - June 2016

    My responsiblity was:

    • Taught school students Lego Mindstorms,with hands-on experience to design and test robots in varied conditions.
    • Organized and was accountable for providing quality training with teachers to small group of students during Arduino Workshop.


  • NIIT University
    2016 - Present

    Majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering - 7.91 C.G.P.A (4 Semesters)

  • Pace Junior Science College

    High School 12th Boards- 80%

  • Ryan International School

    High School 10th Boards- 89%


  • FIRST Robotics Challange 2017
    Mar 2017

    Team RFactor from Mumbai, India of which I was a part of was awarded with Quality Award by Motorola Solutions Foundation at FIRST Robotics Competition at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY from March 16-18, 2017.

  • Indian Robotics Olympiad, 2015
    Oct 2015

    Ranked 6th among 20 teams at the National finals of the Indian Robotics Olympiad, New Delhi.

  • World Robotics Olympiad, 2014
    Nov 2014

    Secured a posotion in top 20 at World finals of World Robotics Olympiad 2014 held in Sochi, Russia.

  • Indian Robotics Olympiad, 2012
    Oct 2012

    Ranked 4th among 25 teams at the National finals of the Indian Robotics Olympiad, New Delhi.

Position of Responsiblity

  • Co-Mentor | World Robotics Olympiad
    May 2016- Nov 2016

    Co-Mentored, three school students, to design, and implement their idea of a tetra pack recycling robot:

    • The robot was divided into two parts the processing unit and collection unit
    • The Collection unit was made to look like the figure Wall-E.
    • The Processing unit used Lego blocks as mock up tetra packs for demonstration purpose( The actual process was not possible due to processing limitations).
  • Electrical Team Member | Team RFactor | FIRST Robotics Competition (F.R.C)
    Mar 2016 The only Indian team to participate at the FIRST Robotics Competition. Responsibilities within the Team RFactor:
    • Prototype solutions for different challenges with other team before installation of both mechanical and electrical components.
    • Managed the electrical team and helped new members of the team learn soldering techniques and wiring ensuring the Industry quality and safty standards are followed.
    • Documentation of all the design and troubleshooting carried out during the build season for future reference.


  • Robotic Arm | Used: Arduino and Custom Circuits
    Aug 2017 - present

    Developing a set of Robotic arms with Prof. Sanjay Gupta with the purpose of establishing a set course for Introduction to Autonomous System and Robotics

  • Typo - Keyboard for Senior Citizens | Used: Lego Mindstorms and Arduino
    Jan 2012

    Typo was a prototype model build to be presented at First Lego League,2012. Typo is an add-on hardware that was build using Lego Mindstorms and Arduino; it could be mounted on a full walker and needs a Bluetooth paired cell phone. Typo also served as a test platform for ealry detection of alzheimers in senior citizens. The system was a proof of concept for "Early detection of neurological degenrative disease by mapping of (bipedal) gait cycle analysis". Other significant features of Typo are:

    • Reconfigurable dashboard for rapid and easy calling to close relatives
    • SOS button to let the family members know the current location of the person and send a remote help message to emergency services.

My Address

#3107, UG-1 Tower 3, NIIT University,NH 8, Delhi- Jaipur Highway, Neemrana, Rajasthan 301705

Mobile Number

+91 90-04-791179

About Me

I love to work, network and explore don't hesitate to contact me, and thank you for your time.